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The first annual Phoenix Pro is only days away (Feb. 20th) and we have a ‘final’ list as of Feb. 15th (which was the deadline, so it should be complete). It is great to see so many great female bodybuilders on the list! There are many pro debuts that will be made on Saturday. What is shocking is the low number of fitness competitors. There is a lot of talk on various forums and websites about the lack of competitors in fitness. As an IFBB pro fitness competitor, this breaks my heart. It is bad enough that I am still recovering from my full knee reconstruction and have another surgery on deck, but not being able to DO anything or be an active part of the industry is heart breaking. There is only so much one can do ‘behind the scenes.’

Please leave your comments about fitness. Would you miss it? Who is your favorite competitor?


Bustamante, Myriam
Linsey, Zoa
Moher, Gayle
Nelson, Colette
Oriquen, Yaxeni (pictured above)
Paparone, Jeannie
Pariso, Betty
Pervis, Akila
Segura, Maria del Carmen
Stanback, Diana
Thompson, Antoinette
Westerfield, Dena


Grishina, Oksana
Johnson, Tanji
Marquez, Nita
Murray-Ward, Bridgette
Polanco, Yenny (pictured above)
Palmer, Julie
Rodriguez, Camala


Allen, Listy
Chiles, Crystal
Cimmino, Lynn
Fodor, Linda
Gibson, Sabrina Taylor
Haskell, Lydia
Hernandez, Jennifer
Meade, Jamie
Minear, Jodie
Mullarkey, Karen
O’Neil, Amy
Patton, Debbie
Romero, Felicia (pictured above)
Romero, Rosa Maria
Sakamoto, Mindi
Smith, Mindi
Tanji, Chaundra
Terlesky, Angela
Tesori, Kathleen
Titone, Ann
Waldrop, Taylor
White, Tina

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0 Responses to "Phoenix Pro Competitor List"

  1. Joseph  February 16, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    Favorite fitness is Trish Warren. I see she’s not on the list. Bummer.

  2. Joseph  February 16, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    Isn’t fitness just plain harder to prepare for? Before you accuse me of blasphemy, I think preparing that whole routine requires another level of commitment above and beyond the other categories.

    • LeslieRae  February 17, 2010 at 3:06 pm

      It is completely different than the other catagories…I’v never done bodybuilding, but I have done figure and there is just no comparison too the amount of work. Both take equal dedication, but in fitness you have to spend extra hours every week to put together a clever, and complicated routine while dieting and training…but I found fitness to be more rewarding and thus got out of it what I put into it: heart and soul. I hope it survives…


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