Olivia Moschetti: Nutrition and Fitness Passion

FemaleMuscle.com CALL NOW! 313-263-3935 International Calls +1 214-446-1459 I have been a competitive athlete my entire life. As an athlete I quickly became aware of the importance of nutrition and the direct affect that food has on your body’s ability to perform, not only in a competitive atmosphere, but in determining how well you function in your everyday life as well.

My passion for athletics and appreciation for the power of nutrition lead me to Colorado State University where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Fitness. While at Colorado State University I played soccer as a collegiate athlete. My last 2 years of college is when I picked up bodybuilding as well as personal training. I have competed at both the local and national levels as a women’s physique competitor as well as a figure athlete.Transitioning from a team sport athlete to an individual sport athlete has taught me much more than I could have anticipated. It has taught me self-dependence, self-motivation, and the power of the mind in either enabling yourself in achieving your goals or, if you allow it, holding yourself back from those same goals.

Placing yourself in a positive atmosphere and in a positive mindset can make the difference in being successful or failing!Too many people are unhappy in their lives and in their bodies and are blindly content in that place, not realizing that almost every aspect of your life is affected by self-image. You have to live in your body everyday! You have no choice but to take it with you everywhere you go! For this reason I believe that your body should be your highest prioritized investment. Helping individuals achieve a body and lifestyle that they could never have imagined for themselves is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do!

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