Muscle Photographer Bill Dobbins: Maria Calo In Boots

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More Maria via Dobbins atPremium Dobbins on Female Muscle:

My name is Maria Calo, I am Italo-Argentinian

I was born in Argentina, a beautiful country where people are very educated and love to be with their family and spend time with their loved ones. I am a professional bodybuilder since 1994, although I have not had many opportunities to compete. I’ve established myself in the USA in 1999. It took me a long time due to immigration matters. It is very difficult for all immigrants, especially athletes, to be able to compete and get support from sponsors.

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One Response to "Muscle Photographer Bill Dobbins: Maria Calo In Boots"

  1. Denny  September 3, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    Maria looks better every year. I hope I get to see her on stage one of these days.


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