Merle Mohr: Bodybuilder With Sights Set

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Merle Mohr, 29-years-old, is an amateur bodybuilder from Germany. Now living in Atlanta, Ga, she is working with BOD TV, a production company looking to bring bodybuilding back on the air. She also works as a personal trainer. Her views on health are not exclusive to bodybuilding. On her MySpace she says:

“I’m not saying that everybody suppose to be a bodybuilder. I’m also not saying that every Bodybuilder is healthy. I just think that everybody should find a way to love their own body. A healthy Love to a healthy Body. Don’t tell me u feel good after you walked up the stairs you breath like you were running for your life. Don’t tell me that you feel good if you sit around all day and didn’t move. Skinny or thick….. don’t tell me you look at the magazines and adore the people with nice beach bodies and secretly you wish you would look the same. Go for it!!!! With your dedication I can promiss you that you will feel much better and more healthy and have more fun and satisfaction inyo ur life.”

Merle Mohr

Merle Mohr – ur personal trainer | MySpace Video

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  1. Marty  March 20, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    I am writing this brief message to say that I really do
    admire female bodybuilders for there dedication in this
    sport. Some people find it hard to accept women that gets
    muscular….This is not the case with me or others that
    respects the female muscle goddess. Keep up the good work
    ladies and don`t let anyone deter you from your goals.


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