Lada Plihalova Biography

Lada Plihalova Biography
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Lada Plihalova, 29-years-old, is a bodybuilder from the Czech Republic. She started at the age of 14. Influenced by Cory Everson she began her transformation. Over the years she had many ups and downs. She suffered a knee injury, horseback riding accident and a serious illness that affected her kidneys and hospitalized her.

“I spent 5 days in the hospital – 3 days fully paralyzed between life and death. I realized how important is everything for me, including my family and my fiancé, who was there with me all the time. I realized that life and health is a gift.”

She has since been training to get back to competition. One of Lada’s favorite motivational quotes is from D.H. Lawrence:

I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.

Highest weight off season : 154 lbs
Average weight in competitions: 115 -125 lbs
Height: 5´4.5“
Biceps: 13.8“
Thighs: 24“ (biggest 25.7“ )
Calves: 15.8“
Chest: 40.2“
Waist: 24“ (yes, really the same as one thigh , smallest was 20.7“ in 2004 competitions)
Hips: 33“

Lifting stats:
Bench Press: 164lbs
Deadlift: 220 lbs
Squats: 253 lbs

Early years – teenage class (IFBB/EBFF)
1996 Teenage Regional Championship of the Czech Republic – 4th lightweight bodybuilding
1996 Teenage National Championship of the Czech Republic -5th lightweight bodybuilding
1997 Teenage Regional Championship of the Czech Republic – 2nd lightweight bodybuilding
1997 Teenage National Championship of the Czech Republic – 2nd lightweight bodybuilding
1999 Teenage Regional Championship of the Czech Republic – 4th heavyweight bodybuilding
Small competitions – not affiliated:
2004 –GP World of Bodybuilding – 1st open bodybuilding class
2005 – Muscle and Fitness „Biceps Clash“ – 1st (49 reps in 1 minute limitation with 33lbs barbell)
Open competitions:
2006 – GP Atlas – 5th in open Figure competition (IFBB/EBFF)
2007 – World Cup (Bulgary) – 8th in open Figure competition (WFF-BNFF)
2007 – Miss and Mr. Universe NAC – 5th in Physique (bodybuilding) class (NAC)

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0 Responses to "Lada Plihalova Biography"

  1. michael george  April 13, 2010 at 8:37 am

    I was very impressed with her setbacks with her health. I went thru the same thing when I had kidney failure. Her story really inspired me. She is an inspiration to me and other people.

  2. Lada  April 15, 2010 at 5:17 am

    I found this article not a long time ago. Thanks a lot for featuring me and thanks for that wods Michael. I am probbably a warrior of the life :) But always it is a big satisfaction for me, when I see I still motivate people to go trough obstacles. Thanks
    xoxo Lada

  3. Lada  April 15, 2010 at 6:15 am

    PS: There is a missing line in my Result list. In 2009 after my return from the hospital I started to play with powerlifting too and became raw benchpresser. I won GPC National benchpress meet, I was 2nd in Open Raw competition and I was 2nd individual and 1st with my team mates on small open marathon in push-pull (did 98 deads with 154lbs and 140 benchpresses with 82 lbs).

    I was 2nd on Nationals NABBA and later 4th on NABBA World Championship – what is more than I ever expected.

    Right now having no money to compete this year, so was forced to take one year break – however I am working backstage as one of organizers of Nationals this year, helping friends with their precontest, supporting my partner etc..


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