Kortney Olson: Hard, Soft and Pleasing

Kortney Olson, 28-years-old, has been after a 6-pack since she was 7-years-old when her father bought her first ab video. She has been obsessed with perfecting her body ever since and we must say, she has been doing a great job. She describes herself as:

I’m ripped, rad, buff and bad, and I happen to have runway looks! I’m all real, all genuine, and all natural! No Silicon, No Steroids, No Artificial Flavors or Colors! I do it all through hard work and attitude!  I like to celebrate that I have 27″ thighs, 18″ calves, and 14.5″ biceps all naturally.

While she professes to have grown up as a tomboy, she was the  captain on the cheer leading team, started the first girls golf team, was in the ski club, as well as playing a power forward for the basketball team, all with a 3.0 GPA. So she is hot, athletic and smart!

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