It's Not The Critic Who Counts

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Justine Dohring is making a name in the NPC as a light heavyweight, but that wasn’t always her stage. Before the NPC, she was a top power-lifter. One of Justine’s favorite quotes, and one she lives by is from Theodore Roosevelt: It’s not the critic who counts. She continues to push forward and chase her dream!

We hope she does. She has just what we like on a woman…muscle and lots of it!

Competition History
2009 NPC Nationals ~ 11th Place Light Heavyweight
2008 NPC Jr Nationals ~ 1st Place Light Heavyweight
2007 NPC Jr National Bodybuilding Championships – 3rd Place Light Heavyweight
2006 NPC Delaware State – 1st Place Middleweight & Overall Women’s Bodybuilding Champion
2006 NPC East Coast Classic – 1st Place Middleweight & Overall Women’s Bodybuilding Champion

Power Lifting
2006 APA Atlantic Open – 1st Place Women’s Open Bench Press & Deadlift
2006 APA Eastern Seaboard Open – 1st Place Women’s 165lb Class Bench Press & Strict Curl

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