IFBB Bodybuilder Vicki Nixon Moves to Figure

Vicki Nixon, 49-years-old, has 25-years of bodybuilding under her belt. She was officially retired, but this month she will be steping on the IFBB New York Pro Figure stage in her pro figure debut. The New York Pro Figure is held in conjunction with NPC Pro Qualifier, Team Universe. This is particularly significant for Vicki, because in 2004 she earned her IFBB Pro card at Team Universe.

Turning pro was a huge accomplishment for her because she was on heavy medication for liver disease for several years. When her disease went into remission, she decided she wanted to get back on stage, and that is just what she did. Her dedication paid off with a well earned IFBB pro card!

She competed for a few years as a bodybuilder. The Jan Tana 2007 was her last IFBB Bodybuilding show, but her retirement was short lived. She has since suffered chronic pain and has simply trained through it. She is testament to mind-over-matter.

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