Heather Payne: Payne is for the Weak

Heather Payne: Payne is for the Weak

My name is Heather Payne or HP. I grew up a tom boy, most of my friends are men for that reason. I act like one of the guys, trucker mouth included. I am the epitomy of beauty and muscle. I am a VERY confident gym rat with a handful of good genetics and an extensive knowledge of how to manipulate the human body into what I want. I started training in 2001 to lose a little weight after quitting smoking, little did I know what was hiding underneath the layers. I started competing as a natural body builder in November of 2004, competing in 17 shows split between bodybuilding and figure. I’ve competed for USBF, NGA, NPC and now the WBFF. I AM a procrastinator, currently finishing my certification to become a personal trainer and going to beauty school in September. Just moved back from Indiana and ready to start my life over again to accomplish everything I set out to. I lost my baby girl, Ellie Mae, to cancer on January 18, 2009. She was my 4 year old Saint Bernard and my world, I miss her dearly. My family is very close. My parents have been married for 34 years. My only brother has been married to the sweetest woman for 4 years. They have a beautiful 3 year old daughter, who looks just like me, and just had a baby boy the day after their daughters birthday. I am fighter from birth and WILL give my all until there is nothing left in EVERY aspect of life. I’m always up for making new friends and creating oppurtunites. I’m as real as they get! If you are fake, lie or just a hater? Keep moving and don’t come back!

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  1. François  July 27, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    WOW !!! Amazing body !


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