Heather Green: In her own words.

Heather Green: In her own words.

Heather GreenHi! First, I would like to say my real name is Nadine Heather Green, and I go by Heather, although my family still calls me Nadine! It’s a little confusing, so I just like to clarify this from the very beginning. I was born in Rochester, New York on March 22, 1972. I was raised in a small Northern town called Watertown, New York where winters are unbearable and summer is gone before you can blink! I have four beautiful, amazing sisters who are my best friends and motivators. I currently reside in Palm Harbor, Florida, which is on the West coast of Florida near Tampa. I am happily married to an amazing man, and we have two beautiful children.

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Being a mom has been the greatest role I have ever taken in life, a job I love and cherish. They are my number one reason to stay in shape, live a healthy lifestyle, and keep my energy levels high! I feel that I am here today to show women and men everywhere that great parents deserve to look and feel great too! Just last year, I was able to train for five consecutive competitions while still caring for a three year old. It was tough, but I set goals for myself, and I went for it. I figured, heck, I absolutely live for my children, constantly making sacrifices as we all do, and you know what? Now it’s my turn! Setting aside an hour a day to exercise is a gift anyone can give themselves, even if it means setting an alarm to get up an hour earlier! What a fabulous way to reward yourself, and your happiness will shine through right toward the kids! I know I am doing something right, when I see my son and daughter flexing their muscles in a way that is both comical and refreshing! I’ve even glanced out the window to find my seven year old doing walking lunges across the yard! Fitness is a way of life in my family! I am a wife, a mother, and a woman with a passion for health and fitness! Wish me luck!

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