Heather Udy Dees: IFBB Figure Pro

Heather Udy Dees: IFBB Figure Pro
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Heather Udy DeesCategory you Compete in: IFBB Figure

Career: I am a Master Esthetician and Cosmetologist, but my career is transitioning to being a part of the health and fitness world in my community and competing in the IFBB

Sports background: I was an athletic child, playing random recreational sports, but nothing ever really stuck till I found my true passion, which is figure competitions. That all started when I was 24 years old.

Why NPC: I met my first (and only) trainer who is now my husband, right before I turned 24 years old. He had been in the industry since he was 18 years old and I just went with what he recommended. He was known in Utah as the go to guy for any type of competition prep. and had also transformed so many peoples physiques!

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What do you like best about competing? I love watching the transformation of my physique. I used to be chubby and have zero muscle definition. I had no idea that you could actually grow your muscles with proper training and nutrition. Every time I looked in magazines I just thought people were born that way, with awesome abs and shapely legs. One of my most favorite parts of competing is the weight training. Every day I push myself to lift heavier, while maintaining proper form and if my husband isn’t training me, the first thing I do is call him and tell him how my workout went. Most recently, I increased my single arm dumbbell row to a new all time high, rowing 70 lb. dumbbells for 8-10 reps.  People at the gym stare at me like I’m crazy and its motivating!

Competition history:

March 2008: NPC Utah Classic: Overall Winner

November 2008: NPC Nationals Atlanta: 10th place Class D

July 2009: NPC USA’s Vegas: 10th Place Class D

March 2010: NPC Utah Classic: Overall Winner

May 2010: NPC California State Championships: Overall Winner

June 2010: NPC Junior Nationals Chicago: 6th Place Class D

July 2010: NPC USA’s Vegas: 5th Place Class D

October 2010: NPC Nationals Atlanta: 1st Place Class D (earned Pro card)

Competitors you look up to: I look up to so many competitors in every category of the sport, Men and Women’s Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini! There is so much that goes into competing that I applaud all that do it. If I could chose one who really stuck out in the figure division, when I first started it would be Gina Aliotti (Silva). Her physique is incredible and after I was able to meet with her in California to get more coaching on my posing and stage presence, I looked up to her even more. She is so down to earth and nice. I was intimidated to meet her, but I felt immediately relaxed after our first conversation. She has accomplished so much and stayed so real. Shout out to her for greatly improving my posing and stage presence. It is a huge aspect of competing and I am sure what helped me to accomplish my goal in turning pro. I also really look up to my husband Justin Dees. He is a National Level Competitive Bodybuilder in the NPC and has inspired me to take this sport as far as I can. He has transformed my physique to a level I never imagined achievable and has always been in my corner supporting me. I feel he has taken a back seat with his competitions. He has an amazing physique at 5’51/2” competing as a heavy weight at his last show and I can’t wait to see him compete again at USA’s this July.

Favorite Cheat Food: dark dark dark chocolate! I also really crave bananas with almond butter when I can’t have it!

Favorite Diet Food: Either egg white and oatmeal pancakes or baked cold sweet potatoes with truvia on top! Mmmmm!

Favorite Body Part to train: Quads currently! It varies from month to month… As I get stronger I get a thrill out of stacking the plates!

Least favorite body part to train: Abs I guess, its hard because I really feel like that is an area I need to improve, so since I’m weaker with my abs it frustrates me. lol!

Hobbies: Going to animated movies with my 4 step-children and hubby. Cooking new healthy recipes. Playing with my two cute Chihuahuas, (Hercules and Bella). Laying out by a pool. Although I don’t do it much I love all water sports. Oh, also snowboarding!

Words to live by: “The Will to Win is Nothing, without the Will to Prepare to Win!” – Zig Ziglar

“Hope sees the Invisible, Feels the Intangible, and acheives the Impossible.” – Helen Keller


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