Hayley McNeff Competing at Worlds

Hayley McNeff Competing at Worlds

Hayley McNeff won the Team Universe Heavyweight division this year in a very controversial win. The Team Universe winners are each drug tested to ensure the drug free compliance. As a result, her eligibility to compete in IFBB World Amateur Women’s Championships has been confirmed.

Hayley didn’t feel she was the best on stage. In a response on SiouxCountry she is quoted:

“the black girl that got 2nd next to me – i actually felt bad lol. you have a great physique girl and you nailed it that day…which i definitely did not! lol. if it makes you feel better, i felt horrible putting the trophy next to my other ones today…just doesn’t feel good. i hope you do well at your next show!! you have an awesome physique!”

Alisa Allen was the competitor in question, and she responded, “…I will be back. I am back in the gym and doing what I love and working on bringing up certain areas.”



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  1. James Peter  October 12, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    Hayley is a beautiful woman who has a great physique…within the limited definition of a drug-free contest with fitness and not muscle mass as the crucial element. I hope that her obvious beauty did not affect the results so that a more deserving person missed out. Given the limited photos here, I see no problem with her win, well deserved…


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