Former WWE Diva: Jackie Gayda-Haas

Former WWE Diva: Jackie Gayda-Haas
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Jackie Gayda HaasLast month, it was announced that former WWE Diva Jackie Gayda-Haas, placed 3rd out of 37 competitors in the Branch Warren Classic fitness/bodybuilding competition. Jackie has now qualified for the nationals and appears to have a promising bodybuilding career ahead of her.

On the November 26, 2005 edition of Impact!, Gayda made her debut lashing out at Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett was shocked and frightened by Gayda’s unexpected appearance and soon ordered her backstage. He was heard saying, “It’s not what you think.” After being pushed by Jarrett, Gayda slapped him and then went after his valet, Gail Kim. The following week, Gayda came out again to confront Jarrett. After pushing and slapping, the two had to be pulled apart by officials. At Turning Point, the same thing happened in the main event match, but Gayda was restrained by officials. On the December 31 show, Don West tracked down Gayda for an interview. She said her being there had nothing to do with a love affair, but rather that Jarrett had promised her a spot on the TNA Roster, but while she was stuck at home, she turned on the television to see Kim in her place. She said she had a big secret about Jarrett that TNA Management would love to hear, but did not reveal what it was.

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Gayda won TNA’s Knockout of the Year 2005 on the January 14, 2006 edition of Impact!. At Final Resolution, she ran into Raven after he lost his match. She told him that they had something in common, they were both being screwed by TNA Management. On the January 28 edition of Impact!, Gayda came down to ringside during a Jarrett versus Jay Lethal match, to hand an audio tape to Kim. She then left, with a confused Kim soon following.

Jarrett then hired Alex Shelley to video tape Gayda at her home, for blackmail. Shelley complied, returning a week later with a videotape. On the February 18, 2006 edition of Impact!, she told Jarrett that he had won and that she would leave. Jarrett refused to comply and used the tape Shelley compiled of Gayda asblackmail to get her to join his stable. Jackie became the manager of Planet Jarrett. She feuded with Gail Kim in mid-2006. At Sacrifice Jackie announced that she was pregnant, so Kim kayfabe fired her. She has not appeared with TNA since and her photos have been removed from the Knockouts portion of the website. Shortly before her pictures were removed from the TNA website it was confirmed that Gayda parted ways with TNA.

In April 2009, Gayda returned to WWE for one-night only as a part of the 25 Diva battle royal at WrestleMania XXV. She had apparently retired from professional wrestling after her match.

On August 30, 2010, Mexican promotion Perros del Mal Producciones announced that Gayda, under the ring name Miss Jackie, would wrestle for the promotion on September 16, on the same card as her husband Charlie Haas. At the event Jackie and Celestial defeated Jennifer Blake and Mini Chessman in a tag team match.[10] She appeared again on February 11, 2011, on the Viva La Lucha PPV, teaming with NY Knockout Nikki to take on Christina Von Eerie and Jennifer Blake (a match that she won for her team, via crossbody into a pin).

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