Fern Assard: Never too late.

Fern Assard: Never too late.


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I created a whole new me through fitness. I was saggy, baggy, sad and self loathing. I knew I needed to change so I picked myself up by the bootstraps and started training. I didn’t have a trainer to guide me and it was all trial and error, but here I am…..single mother of 4, ages 10-23 and I am in my 40’s. Never think it’s too late to change your life and feel good about yourself. Its not just a change of body….it’s a change of mind and a positive outlook out on.

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I love to help people feel better about themselves :)

Twitter www.twitter.com/msfitfern


Numerous titles and trophies competing with the National Physiques Commitee (NPC)



Personal Interests

Modeling, figure competitions, the gym, fashion…love me some shoes!



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