Christy Resendes Gallery

Christy Resendes Gallery
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“Hello, my name is Christy Resendes. I was born in New Bedford MA, and still reside in MA. I am a National Level Bodybuilder in the NPC bodybuilding organization. I am also a certified regional judge for the NPC organization as well as working towards an IFBB professional card.

I am currently working as an independent model and work as a personal trainer as well. I took some time off from school, but will soon be working towards getting my bachelors degree in physical education at Bridgewater State College.

Prior to bodybuilding I briefly participated in runway modeling, ballet, softball, and Tae Kwon Do. My parents had started me into weight training when I was 15 years old. My mother had competed in a bodybuilding show the year prior and I was amazed with the transformation of her physique.

I competed in my first show within 3 months of beginning training. On October 16, 1993, I competed in the Whaling City Bodybuilding Championships at age 15 and I won first place, best poser, and overall. Then my teacher Dr. Ellen Robinson of Bridgewater State College gave me the extra push I needed to compete again. Since then I’ve competed numerous times and have even expanded into strong women competitions.

In my down time I enjoy writing, drawing, and spending time with family and friends. I collect fairies and Garbage Pale Kids cards. I love to dance and sing. I also like to arm-wrestle. I’ve been arm-wrestling since I was in elementary school. I enjoy trying new things and traveling as well.”

Read more about Christy at her website.

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