Christine Envall Biography

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Christine Envall, IFBB pro, has not competed recently, however, she’s considering an IFBB comeback.  We completely support and encourage this female titan of the industry to grace us with her return.  Check out her website.

  • Height: 5’3″

  • Contest Weight: 160-165 lbs

  • Off-Season Weight: 190+ lbs

  • Measurements: (at 180 lbs)

  • Biceps: 16″

  • Calves: 17.5″

  • Upper Quads: 25″

  • Chest: 47″

  • Shoulders: 53″

  • Waist: 31″

  • Forearms: 12″

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2005 NABBA Southern Hemisphere Gold Coast, Australia 1st Open
2003 IFBB Jan Tana Classic Charlotte, NC 5th MW
2003 IFBB Night of Women’s BB New York City, NY 7th HW
2002 IFBB Jan Tana Classic Lynchburg, VA 8th HW
2002 IFBB South West Pro Cup Arlington, TX 3rd HW
2001 IFBB Women’s Extravaganza Pro Show New Jersey, NJ 6th HW
2001 IFBB Jan Tana Classic Lynchburg, VA 6th HW
2001 NPC-A/IFBB Southern States, Melbourne 1st HW
2000 NABBA World Championships, New Zealand 1st Overall
1999 NABBA World Championships, Austria 3rd
1999 NABBA Australian Championships, Melbourne 1st Overall
1998 NABBA World Championships, Spain 1st Overall
1998 NABBA Australian Championships, Melbourne 1st Overall
1997 NABBA Universe, UK 2nd(Short)
1997 NABBA Australasian Championships, Geelong 1st Overall
1997 NABBA World Championships, Greece 1st Overall
1997 NABBA Australian Championships, Melbourne 2nd
1997 NABBA Night of Australia’s Best, Canberra 1st
1997 NABBA Victorian Championships, Melbourne 1st
1995 NPC-A/IFBB Australia’s Most Muscular Woman, Sydney 1st
1995 NPC-A/IFBB Victorian Championships, Melbourne 1st HW & Overall
1995 NPC-A/IFBB Southern States, Melbourne 2nd HW
1995 NPC-A/IFBB Autralasian Championships, Sydney 3rd HW
1994 NPC-A/IFBB Southern States, Melbourne 1st MW
1994 NPC-A/IFBB Bendigo City, Bendigo 1st Open
1992 NABBA Australasian Championships, Melbourne 5th
1991 NABBA Victorian Championships, Melbourne 1st (Short)
1991 NPC-A/IFBB Outback Classic, Broken Hill 1st LW
1991 NPC-A/IFBB Bendigo City, Bendigo 3rd
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  1. m7  February 3, 2010 at 2:58 am

    Thanks for the info. I had no idea she guest posed in 2008.

  2. cooljonesdj  June 8, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    Hi christine envall my name is derek and I think you are sexy as hell, and I love the way you look, and I would love to get to know you, so please call me at 989 964-1695 derek.


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