Chie Terui has been very busy in the fitness industry

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Chie Terui has been very busy in the fitness industry. Since 1997, she has been active as a personal trainer, swimming & aerobics instructor. Her talents have given her the opportunity to train in Japan as well as several locations in the United States. She has trained clients in all shapes & sizes, ranging from teaching toddlers to swim, to helping seniors improve their fitness level. Chie has also studied Kendo, the art of Japanese samurai swordsmanship, and is an aspiring model and actress.

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Chie began her commitment to excellence by first transforming herself from a size 11 to a size 3. She was battling high cholesterol, and began exercising to maintain her health. However, as she began to lose weight, she became excited with the changes to her body, and her goals became loftier. She entered the fitness profession first as an aerobics instructor, and was hooked.

This eventually led to her current status as a figure competitor. A rising star in this area, Chie placed 5th in the short class at the 2003 Illinois State Figure Championship and on June 12, 2004 placed 2nd at the 2004 Central U.S.A. Figure Competition in Bloomington, IL. However, don’t let her success intimidate you. Although she plans to turn pro next year, Chie says she has no plans to stop training. She simply loves it too much.

“Having gone through weight gain associated with pregnancy”, Chie explains, “I know what women go through, and also know what it takes to get back in shape.” She wants to dispel the myth of weight training automatically making women bulky, instead focusing on sculpting the body, and changing the body inside and out. “I love to watch clients choose to make lifestyle changes, like drinking water with their lunch instead of a Pepsi. There’s nothing like seeing one become self confident, and happy with themselves as they achieve their fitness goals.”

In trying to help you to know and understand Chie better, we’ve asked her the following questions:

Full name: Chie Terui
Place of birth: Towada City, Japan
Date of birth: August 28th 1972
Kids: Three
Height: 5’1″
Weight: (off-season) 118lbs – (pre-contest) 110lbs.

One word you would use to describe yourself? Determined

Favorite type of music: R&B and Hip-Hop

Favorite artist: S.W.V

Favorite food: Yakiniku – A Japanese style teppan barbecue

Favorite cheat food: Blonde Ambition from Applebee’s

What made you want to be a figure competitor? The personal challenge of wanting to pursue physical perfection.

What people in figure competition do you admire? Jenny Lynn, she has the total package. The physique, the personality and the mind set.

What other Talents outside of personal training and competing do you have? Martial arts/Kendo, Japanese Swordsmanship, Clothing Design, Knitting and sewing.

What outside activities do you enjoy? Dancing, preferably Stepping, Salsa and Merengue.

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  1. James Peter  February 17, 2012 at 11:26 am

    It’s always surprising to see a leggy competitor on stage only to be informed that she is but five foot or so. Good things do come in small packages…


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