Cathy LeFrancois: Olympia Derailed?

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An injury seems to be pushing female pro Cathy LeFrancois out of the 2009 Olympia.

cathy lefrancois front bi
Click here for our gallery of Cathy at the 2009 Arnold

Posts from her blog yesterday..

Sometimes God answers the prayers of those who are in higher need. Maybe its not my time..truth is Olympia isn’t going anywhere and neither am I. I may have to wait till next year

Lets be realistic here unless by some miracle my doctor can wave a magic wand I can do nothing about this! Train around it you say? Just to give you a picture of the things I can not do with my right arm, I cant bring a cup to my mouth,wash my hair,put lotion on my face with both hands,open or hold a jar, I cant even reach for my seat belt.

Click through for more details and a photo of the injury

This was posted on her blog on August 8:

Yesterday i fell on my wood floors and hurt my right elbow very very bad, i can’t move it, bent or just hold something…

this is a picture of it this morning but now it’s worst.. around the elbow. look there and visualize it 2 times bigger. not pretty lol

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cathy lefrancois elbow
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  1. tim maloney  August 28, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    hope you recover well Cathy. hang in there . you can can do it.


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