Brittni Kent: Former Ugly Duckling now Fit and Sensational

Brittni KentMy fitness “career” sort of began in high school. I was a late-blooming, ugly duckling with no guidance as far as fashion or beauty went, so I was extremely susceptible to society’s standards on the matter. It should come as no surprise that I developed horrible eating habits (or lack thereof, since I was essentially trying to starve myself into being “attractive”) and my self-confidence was completely dead. I realized it was going to take a lot more than skipping meals and doing a few sit-ups to drag me out of my depression. I was already a part of the soccer team at my high school, so I joined a weight lifting class, and cross country in order to expand my experience in fitness. The work eventually paid off, and I also gained enough confidence to decide for myself what I see as beauty; determination, hard work, and success.

There are dozens of reasons why I love lifting. I love the atmosphere of gyms, and I love the people who go. Fit folks are by far the happiest and friendliest group of people you’ll ever encounter. I love the endorphin-high a hard workout leaves you with, and I love all the health benefits that come with a healthy lifestyle. I love being so sore that I can’t move ^_^ it’s a nice reminder that the work you do one day definitely does not go to waste. Once I started lifting, bodybuilding quickly became my identity. I derive much of my feelings of self-worth from my success in the gym. I love working out because it gives me the feeling that I’m doing something worthwhile with my short existence, and it’s something I can really pour my heart into. No matter what mood I’m in or how my day went the gym is always there for me. The treadmill has always been a great therapist, haha. Lastly, I love that what I can achieve in the gym is reliant on no one other than myself. If I want to reach a goal, it’s strictly up to me to get it done. True freedom.

3 Responses to "Brittni Kent: Former Ugly Duckling now Fit and Sensational"

  1. Freeman  September 12, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Brittni has become somewhat of a phenom on And with good reason. She has done a great job and I wish her continued success.

  2. Freeman  September 12, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    Brittni is somewhat of a phenom on And with good reason. She has done a great job and I wish her continued success.

  3. Jon David  March 15, 2015 at 9:12 pm

    Brittni was never an “ugly duckling”, she was lovely before she lifted weights, she still is. She’s accomplished much and I cannot wait to see what she does in the future!


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