Branka Njegovec: Croatian Champion

Branka Njegovec: Croatian Champion
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Branka Says, “My name is Branka Njegovec, born 27.06.1974 in Varazdin, Croatia where I still live and work. I`m a single parent, have a beautiful 10 year old daughter. I wark in a bank. I used to play handball before I got into the bodybuilding.
I started bodybuilding in 2005. I compete in light weight category ( -55kg). Competition weight 54 kg, off season weight 58-60 kg. Hight 157 cm.

Besides bodybuilding I love cycling, long walks, reading, movies, spending time with my daughter, camping at seaside.”

Apparently not one to toot her own horn, Branka is responsible for giving Croatia its greatest female bodybuilding moment at the European Women Championships in Skopje, Macedonia: in 2008 Branka won the very first gold medal for her young country (Croatia proclaimed independence in 1991).

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national championship 2nd place
european championship 7th place

national championship 3rd place
european championship 5th place
world championship 14th place

national championship 1st place
european championship 1st place
world championship 9th place

world championship 8th place

national championship 1st place
european championship 1st place

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