Big Biceps, The Ultimate Muscle?

Big Biceps, The Ultimate Muscle?

Are ripped biceps the most attractive body part on a female bodybuilder? “big biceps” is one of the most popular searches here at FemaleMuscle. What is YOUR fave big, bulging, body part?

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0 Responses to "Big Biceps, The Ultimate Muscle?"

  1. James Peter  August 24, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    The beauty of ‘big guns’ on a beautiful woman is that it does not require that they otherwise become ‘huge’. Women like Kelly Ripa, Pamela Anderson, and Katie Couric can look absolutely normal (i.e. hot) but still have that little ‘bonus’ when they pump up. Same with most competitors except the largest: they can look elegant and beautiful until they ‘bring out the big guns’. One day men might change the way they look at women, appreciating real health and fitness vs. the artificial image created by Hollywood and some magazines…


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