Argentina still wins: Rita Bello at the 2014 Chicago Pro

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Maria Rita Bello is a native of Argentina.  The main quest of her career was, and is, to achieve the perfect balance of all the muscle areas.  She has done a fantastic job, winning the Chicago Pro Bodybuilding in July 2014.  Her legs, calves and back are incredible and she has also developed a legion of admirers and fans.  We congratulate her on her success and look forward to watching her continued efforts.


It is divided into 7 to 8 small meals with precise amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats that will manipulate as a tournament approaches. These shares may rise or fall according to my physical condition, cause calculate how much competition ahead of schedule I am, and I try not to subject the body to stress that makes me lose precious muscle achieved. I have a 900 thousand floor and a ceiling of 2,300 calories per day.


Cardiovascular work is conducted throughout the year for important reasons, one of which is to avoid reaching the stage of pre-competition and having to spend an enormous amount of time and effort to this activity by subtracting energy for the real work that should matter to a bodybuilder which is strength training. So the amount of work I do are of short duration, ranging from 20 to 30 minutes per session, Monday through Friday. I do not usually increase the length, but the number of sessions. As for these, I’ve never had to overcome both, one after each strength training session.

In respect of your workouts, Rita asserts: “There is a type of training practice to achieve hypertrophy, but that I vary continuously always following a predetermined schedule, but whether you train with heavy or relatively light loads, ranging varying repetitions, with long or short rest between sets, the intensity is always high and try to get in all the series to the limit imposed by muscle failure. In some training, especially in pre-competition, I can get over it by some intensity techniques.


I wish to relate my story a few years ago when they started to demonize female bodybuilding and try to eliminate or at least look for a replacement to bother less discriminating eye to those who do not want to accept it as a sport. At that time many girls who practiced chose to “cross” the line and engage in fitness.

I, who always loved passionately to female bodybuilding, began to question what to do. I decided I should continue what I always wanted to do, which was my passion and my aesthetic ideal both as an athlete as a woman, and not give him seeking the approval of others, because in the end it was not for them I practiced my sport; myself. So in keeping with my tastes and principles, I kept in as silence and solitude my career. After many years I came to limits that even dreamed I could achieve.

It was there that I began to receive not only the approval but the most enthusiastic admiration and recognition, which to my amazement came more heavily male bodybuilders, but also the fitness of the girls and the ordinary public, as the mother going to see his son compete for the first time a tournament. I think this is due in large part to the strong image that genre as an athlete who perseveres despite his ideal of fashion, who believes in what he does and bet it to show the value of your bet.

My message is: be authentic, ours is difficult to achieve in the short time, plan a long career that probably will not show immediate and in the fitness results, but working tirelessly over many years we are full of pure muscle and enforces quality more than all the time and effort we put into getting it.

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