AMBER DELUCA: Native American Muscle [Kindle Edition]

AMBER DELUCA: Native American Muscle [Kindle Edition]

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Introducing the Bill Dobbins eBook library, available from Kindle. The library contains a range of eBooks such as the 4 book ENTER THE AMAZON series, There is also a 2 volume HARDBODIES EXPOSED series, individual books on Lenda Murray, Dayana Cadeau, Sharon Bruneau and Amber Deluca – and more. Exciting photos (including nudes), bios, articles, history and behind-the-scenes information.

Amber Deluca is a true Amazon. She went to school on a volleyball scholarship, and is a powerlifter, martial artist, fitness competitor and bodybuilder. In addition, Amber is a Native American and has worked for the US Bureau of Indian Affairs as an advocate for health, fitness and good diet directed toward her fellow Native Americans. But along with her athletic prowess, Amber is best known for her striking, incredible physique, her beauty and her amazing sexual appeal.

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  1. James Peter  July 18, 2012 at 11:39 am

    Bill Dobbins has been to bodybuilding photography what Lori has meant to bodybuilding in the digital/on-line world. For years, he’s blessed us with books and features of only the most awesome women in some of the finest glamour settings. Anything he does is worth your attention just as anything Lori presents is worth a look…


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