2010 New York Pro Bodybuilding Results

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The 2010 New York Pro Bodybuilding results are in. There were 13 amazing women, but only winner: Cathy LeFrancois. This is Cathy’s second year in a row walking away with the New York Pro win.

Womens Bodybuilding
1. Cathy LeFrancois 
2. Sheila Bleck 
3. Heather Foster 
4. Debbie Bramwell 
5. Rahel Ruch 
6. Dayana Cadeau 
7. Nancy Lewis 
8. Maria Lehtonen 
9. Colette Nelson 
10. Kristy Hawkins 
11. Emma Sue 
12. Nicole Pfuetzenreuter 
13. Andrea Carvahlo 

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