Ana Cozar Video & Photo Gallery

Ana Cozar Video & Photo Gallery

co0Most of the girls form my high school and university were afraid of weight. In my university gym hall, all girls used to do some physical and running to gain a perfect body figure. Among all of them I was the only one who used to lift a heavy weight. One day when I saw a man with the tight muscular body it influences me and started watching the technique of bodybuilding, eventually started working on it. I used to change my training in every month and used to focus on hamstrings, glutes, and calves. After a year of training my body figure was changed, I had a toned and muscular body then I decided to go for the competition. I went a competition for the first time in …….. but couldn’t win any title, but was enjoying the competition and was very happy because it was my first experience which helped me to be confidence for the next competition.

In 2009 I took a part in Ms. Rio at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and won a title it build up my confidence level and thought to go for IFBB Professional League and started workout for the event. After training for about a year I was ready for IFBB pro and went for it, luckily I was nominated and was certified IFBB professional league certificate. After being IFBB Women’s Physique Pro I decided to make it a profession and started my own company to train girls/boys.

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I started to train them with all the knowledge I had. Every person body is a unique with different body shape so I individually advise with the nutrition, daily diet and workout. To have a toned body you must need to eat a quality food and get enough calories from your balance diet, therefor it is very important to take care of your daily diet to gain a muscular body. I train my client in different ways, you can find my training books to guide you or simple click on the link to watch video tutorial that I have provided for body fitness or if you need a individual training you can go through my schedule and choose the best venue and time that is perfect for you or you can even contact me for any queries.

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