60 Year old Kris Jenner’s fitness secret

60 Year old Kris Jenner’s fitness secret
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kris jennerHave you ever wondered what Kris Jenner’s fitness workout routine is? It’s Pilates. This determined ‘momager’ is always so focused on her daughters, but it looks like it’s her turn now to take in some much needed personal time and focus on her body and fitness goals.

Kris Jenner’s weight has fluctuated over the years, but now she is conquering her weight and flaunting workout pics on Instagram of a Pilates reformer.  It appears from the Instagram pic that the new piece of equipment is actually an addition to an already furnished personal gym, although that is not confirmed. She thanks the makers of the trapeze reformer, Body Balance, in a hashtag and couldn’t look happier!

The strategic businesswoman also doesn’t waste any time and gets right into the machine for the photo, dressed in a black workout outfit, but she’s missing a pair of kicks! It seems as if Jenner may have just wanted to show off her new toy!kjenner

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