3 Ways You Can Make Her Orgasm Multiple Times

3 Ways You Can Make Her Orgasm Multiple Times
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A study recently conducted by the Indiana University in the US and sexual education site OMGYES has revealed that you can make a woman orgasm multiple times by using some specific methods.

Researchers briefly questioned 1,055 women belonging to different age groups regarding what they like in bed. A surprising finding was that 47 percent of the women experienced multiple orgasms.

The researchers also found exactly how the women said their partners should touch their clitoris to pleasure them for the first time.

This study revealed three ways how you can satisfy her between the sheets and make her orgasm multiple times.

  1. Touching her in the same way continuously

The study revealed that you could pleasure your woman multiple times using the technique that helped her orgasm for the first time. In this study, 34 percent of the women said stimulating them continuously in the same way pleasured them and provided them multiple orgasms.

“That means she either wants you to touch her in the same place or with the same rhythm,” said lead study author and Men’s Health sex advisor Debby Herbenick, PhD.

Different women prefer their clitoris being touched differently. Around 45 percent prefer being touched above, below or alongside their clitoris, the study revealed. An up-and-down touch was preferred by 64 percent of women while circular movement was preferred by 52 percent women.

“Some men back off, thinking that her clitoris might be too sensitive after her first orgasm, but that’s not every woman’s experience,” Herbenick said.

  1. Rebuilding the intensity helps

In the study, 53 percent of the women who got multiple orgasms revealed they felt best when their partner returned to touching them in the spot slowly and then rebuilt the intensity.

“Some women want to return to a lower intensity or need a brief break from the kind of stimulation that helped them reach orgasm,” Herbenick explained.

After the woman gets her first orgasm, you can give her a break by touching her other sensitive body parts to help her get back to orgasm again.

  1. Touching her differently leads to multiple orgasms

Around 33 percent of women in this study agreed they enjoy being touched differently. For example, she may enjoy being touched rigorously in a circular motion to get her first orgasm, but might like being touched gently and differently around the spot to attain her second orgasm, Herbenick said.

The process can be the other way round as well. If the first orgasm was attained after being gently touched, the second one could be an outcome of touching her with more pressure.


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