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Kathy - London Based Grappler!

Height: 5'5
Weight: 135 lbs
Location: London
Kathy is one of the finest competitive female grapplers I've ever met; and if you don't believe me, she's got the trophies and medals to prove it. Not only is Kathy skilled in Brazilian Jujitsu, she also has extensive training in Freestyle wrestling and NHB fighting as well. Quiet and reserved by nature, you would never IMAGINE what this woman is capable of were you to just meet her on the street. Her body is made of corded steel and ripples with the power of her resolve.
Kathy is available for: competitive and semi-competitive/playful wrestling sessions; choke-outs; BJJ matches; boxing; Freestyle wrestling ...

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Danielle Rouleau - 's Latest

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Photos from a friend

A collection of photo favorites from our friend Mike in the UK! Thanks Mike!

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Alejandra Abdala

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Denise Rutkowski

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Alexis Ellis - at it's best!

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Debi Laszewski

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Dayana Cadeau

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Autumn Raby

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Linda Cusmano

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Susanne Neiderhauser

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Gayle Moher

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Jitka Harazimova

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The Amazing Yaxeni Oriquen

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Powerful Petra Enderborn

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Some Retro Muscle!

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Amy Yanagisawa

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Powerful Antoinette Norman

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Anja Langer

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Carla Dunlap

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annie rivieccio

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Samantha Steele

For more Samantha photos, visit her site:
Height: 5'3" - Weight: 117 lbs. - Hair: Blonde - Eyes: Blue

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Alejandra Abdala

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Heidi Fletcher

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Andrea Gahan

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SweetMuscle Gallery

SweetMuscle by Pich Blaaknes

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Fitness Competitor tracey greenwood

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Miss Fitness Israel 2006

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Miss Fitness Israel 2006 - GILI TRAISON


Melissa Coates

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Italian Beauties

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Amy Yanagisawa

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Gayle Moher

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lindsay mulinazzi

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Jennifer Hendershott

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Fitness and Figure Gallery!

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Melissa Coates

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Tracey Greenwood

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's Latest - Kathy Johansson

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Monica Martin

She has become the first Brazilian Bodybuilder female, to receive a Pro Card of the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) the main world federation for this sport.

Monica has been involved in many other sports throughout her life: Cycling, Martial Arts, Gymnastics among others, this activities set her physical base, but she started lifting weights in1986 as part of her training, it took many years for her decide to take on competitive Bodybuilding. It was in 1994 when she successfully competed for the first time wining every: State, Inter-State, Regional and Nationals twice and Bodybuilding championships like South-American and Iberia-American championships. The next step for her was the World Amateur Woman's & Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding Championships, reaching the 4th spot.

In January 1998, she finally earned her Pro Card due her condition of number one in her country and the continent, and her many national and international victories, which opened the doors for competing in top bodybuilding contests as a professional athlete.

Currently she competes in high profile North American stages and has entered in the spotlight of the Bodybuilding media, appearing in specialized magazines like Flex, Musclemag,Women's Physique World, Ironman...Part of the attention she gets from the observers are her exotic and flashy looks, nice ripped condition, as well as her excellent legs: perfectly shaped and razor sharp thighs and calves with a good muscle size, which make the greatest impact in the eyes of the fans. Since her lower body is considered one of the bests in the sport, it used to overpower the upper side, affecting her overall symmetry and stopping from placing higher in professional events.

Besides her training for top professional events like Ms. International, Jan Tana, placing Brazil in the top spots of this sport, when she used to live there she was active promoter of bodybuilding in many states of her country, already enjoying a relatively good popularity there.

Name: Monica Martin

Place of Birth: Brazil Date: December 26 (Capricorn)

Occupation: Personal Trainer, Formed in University to Physical Education and fitness model.

Bodybuilding background: Been competing since 94, turned pro in 98.

Monica's favorite body parts to train: Her legs and calves

Height: 5'4" Weight: 145L-off season/135L-pre-contest

Hair: Black Eyes: Grey


BICEPS 15 inch
WAIST 26inch
HIPS 35 inch
QUADS 25 inch
CALVES 17 1/2 inch



FAVORITE COLOURS: Black, Blue, White.
FAVORITE FLOWER: Sunflower, Chrysanthemum and Orchid.
FAVORITE MOVIE: I like Matrix .
KIND OF MUSIC: I like classic rock, pop, 70&80, some jazz, soul, instrumental, Brazilian music, classic ( I love Bach)
BEST BOOK: Adonai by jorge Adoum)
FAVORITE FOOD: Oats for breakfast, sushi & sashimi for lunch or dinner, ice cream, cookies an cakes (I love sweet things in general)
HOBBIES: see movies, walk in the museum and art galleries, listen music, roller blade , cuisine, sew, cycling, martial arts, travel

LIKES: to use my imagination, learn new things, honesty, true friendship, gentleness, cleverness, polite and intelligent people
DISLIKES:dumbness, selfishness, hypocrisy, lies, gossips, envy, cheats, profiteurs and opportunists

HOW CAN YOU BEST DESCRIBE YOURSELF AND YOUR FUTURE PLANS I like to help people to find them style I can say I have a sharp vision for that, I feel pretty happy with myself outside and inside( I mean in the good ways) I have a strong personality , passionate, I like to be honest with my feelings if I think something I have to say, I love my friends, I like to be perfectionist in everything what I do . My future plan is to have my own business and have my mom living with me.

WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO "The best challenge is win yourself"


Tanji Johnson pro fitness

* 2001 NPC National Fitness Championships - 1st Place Overall and Medium Class
* 2001 NPC Northwest Championships - 1st Place Fitness
* 2001 NPC Washington Ironman Championships - 1st Place Fitness
* 2001 Washington State Championships - 1st Place Fitness and Figure Overall
* 2001 Women's Tri-Fitness World Challenge - 5th Overall
* 2001 NPC Emerald Cup Figure Winner - Short Class
* 2000 Fitness America Nationals - Top 15 Finalist
* 2000 ESPN Series - Runner Up
* 2000 Fitness Texas Champion
* 2000 NPC Inland Pacific Fitness Champion
* 2001 NPC National Fitness Champion

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Some Vintage Muscle Bikini Shots!

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It's vintage! It's muscle! It's bikini! What could be better? ;-)

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Yaxeni Oriquen Gallery

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Fitness and Figure Gallery

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Bonnie Priest

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Antoinette Norman

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Kirstin Robinson

Vintage Kirstin Robinson

A Lori Braun Retro PhotoBlog on KirstinCLICK HERE


Strongwoman Robin Coleman

World’s Strongest Woman, The Falls, Zambia, 2001
In October of 2001 Robin was able to experience the adventure of her lifetime in Africa to participate in the first ever World's Strongest Woman - the female addition to the 25-years-running World's Strongest Man.


Lori's Lisa Lyon Tribute...

Click the image to the left to see Lori's tribute gallery!

Although Lyon briefly served as unofficial chairperson for women’s bodybuilding in its infancy, her fondest desire was to explore bodybuilding as an artistic medium. Elevating bodybuilding to the level of fine art, Lyon was photographed by the likes of Helmut Newton and Robert Mapplethorpe, and was the first female bodybuilder to appear in Playboy (October 1980).


Vintage Bodybuilding Photo Galleries

Click the image above to be transported to Lori Braun's Blog AND the golden days of bodybuilding! Some great athletes and memories await you!


Melissa Dettwiller - Hot, Fit, SEXY!!!

Click Melissa's picture for some UNREAL HOT PICTURES! WOW! What a hottie!

Thanks to Lori Braun's Blog!


Sunny Steurer

Personal Background: - Gym Owner & Manager, Germany '82 - '97
- International Judge in Body Building
- Aerobic Instructor
- Inline Instructor

Amateur Bodybuilder: - German Champion '84/'85
- European Champion '87
- World Champion '89

Pro Bodybuilder: - Miss Olympia Finalist '90
- Jan Tana Competitor '91/'92
- Pro Figure Competitor '03

Credentials: - World Fitness Promotion Certificate in Aerobics (Germany)
- SAFS Aerobic Certificate (Switzerland)
- DIV B-Instructor for Inline Skating (Germany)
- GISA Teacher Certificate for Inline Skating (Germany)
- NCSF Certificate for Personal Trainer (USA)
- NCSF Strength Specialist (USA)


archive gallery


24 exclusive vintage photographs


Allison Jones

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FemaleMuscle Live! 2004 - Nostalgic...

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A blast from our past! FemaleMuscle Live 2004! :-) Enjoy...


Dianet Pereda

Hello. My name is Dianet Pereda. I am currently studying for my personal training certification. I am fit and enjoy every aspect of personal fitness. I am an actress/model living in the NYC area.


Lori Lust

Lori's workout:
I work out with very heavy weights, like the guys. I also use a lot of free-weights. I like to do a 3 day on with one day off split routine or sometimes change it up with a 2 day on one day off split routine. I break my body parts into a Leg day, Chest day, Tri, Bi, Shoulder day, and Back day. As a guide I try to do reps around 8 - 12 and around 3 sets for each exercise. I only work out about 40 minutes - 1 hour. Anything over 1 hour is bad and wears you down and is counterproductive. Also forget the aerobics your body adepts to them and eventually they don't work. Just break your body parts into 4 groups and do 1 part each day. I just keep rotating this over & over.

Lori's Diet:
I try to eat every 3 hours after I work out. Right when I work out I eat 9 egg whites with oatmeal. Rest of the day every three hours I eat at least 40 grams of protein with 40 grams of carbs which would be either Whey Protein with oatmeal at one sitting or meals like lean steaks, fish, chicken with oatmeal for my carbs. I guess I eat a lot of Oatmeal because it's about the only carb that the body does not store as fat, plus it breaks down slow so it keeps you full so your not hungry all the time.

Why Do You Love Fitness?

It does so much for you. Makes you look & feel younger. Even my face thinned out which does a lot for looks. Your strength makes you feel like 18, and sex drive is great. You have a lot of energy. You wouldn't believe what I looked like 3 years ago! I looked terrible. I used to be a junk food junkie eating a box a dots a day for energy. Funny, but candy actually causes you to loose energy. Now I haven't eaten any candy in 2 years.

I started because someone I dated at the time inspired me to workout and to really go out and go for my goals or at least set some. They inspired me so much that it grew and I started entering contests and then it carried over into modeling. Now I'm modeling full time. Funny how you can cross a path or someone's path and if you take the right one it can change your life because I never looked at a weight less than 3 years ago.

What One Tip Would You Give Other Fitness Competitors?

Just keep it up and don't stop. The week where you feel tired at least do light workouts instead of doing nothing. Also very important, LIFT VERY HEAVY WEIGHTS LIKE THE GUYS DO. No, you won't look like a guy if you do that because those are steroid girls. A woman's body can only get so big and cut up. Try to lift free weights and as a guide do as much weight as you can so you can barely get that 10th rep up. I am trying to get on as many magazines and videos as possible. I have a very successful website called and i have also been seen on tons of websites and on television and also i have broken view records on many model sites. I also was interviewed on tv in Los Angles and have done some red carpet promotions just last month. I hope to get famous somehow through either fitness or the sexy pinup world or even video whichever gets me there 1st. I like to think i'm a rarity like a cross between monica brant and jana jamison. I hope that everyone else will feel the same way because i really try hard in everything i do. I know anyone who joins my web site will see that and be very happy.Love

Lori Lust


* Name: Lori Lust
* E-mail:
* Age: 26
* Height: 5'4"
* Contest Weight: 115lbs
* Location: Novi Mich. but shoot a lot in Calif
* Years Competing: 1 Year, but modeled 2
* Favorite Body Part: Legs and Glutes
* Strongest Body Part: Legs
* Measurements: 34D, 26, 33


Weekly Update Nikki Warner



Female Arm Wrestling Scores on FLICKR

Not only is the photograph entertaining, but the commentary posted by the FLICKR member bears repeating: "Sorry these photos are oversaturated, I had "vidid" mode on w/ the flash. Irene is a fierce competitor, she gave me a good fight and has some seriously strong arms. I'd like to see her go up against Liz! "




Valerie Varnauskas

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Where and when were you born?

Born June 15, 1960 in Waterbury, CT

Where do you live now?
Still in Waterbury, CT

What is your profession?
Whatever I feel like…

What kind of activities/sports did you do before you started lifting weights?
Breeding, Training & Showing Dogs, as well as teaching others to do the same; Karate – Tang So Do; Double Dutch; Chasing Children

How and when did you get involved into lifting weights?
After recovering from a near-fatal bacteria infection, I was physically in very bad shape. About two years after I recovered from the infection, my son and husband harassed me into going to the gym with them. At first, just walking for a short time on the treadmill was a trial, but I kept at it. Before long, I was walking what seemed like forever and started lifting with my husband. About seven months after I first joined the gym, the other gym members ganged up on me to enter my first competition.

Was it a goal for you to compete in bodybuilding competitions right from the beginning or was it something that grew in your mind as time went on and you saw the progress in your body?
As you can see from my answer above, it never really entered my mind until other gym members, who also compete, started to get on me to enter a competition. I’m glad they did!

Which competition has been your first one and how did you place?
NABF Tri-State(New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania) Competition in July, 2000 and I won 1st in Novice and 1st in Masters.

And which contest has been the biggest success for you yet?
NPC Nationals, Dallas, Texas, 2002 – placed 11th out of 24 for my first time out in the Nationals!

Could you please add a history of all contests that you have entered so far?
June 14, 2003: NPC Jr. Nationals, Chicago, IL, 3rd of 6
Nov. 18, 2002: NPC Nationals, 11th of 24
Sept. 21, 2002: NPC's Women's Extravaganza (1-Year National Qualifier), 1st, Overall
June 1, 2002: NPC Leheigh Valley Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure Championships (2-Year National Qualifier), 1st, Overall
May 5, 2002: NPC New England Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure Championships, 1st
Nov. 17, 2001: NABF American Nationals Pro Division, 1st, Best Poser, Overall, and ranked the #1 Female Bodybuilder of the Year
Nov. 3, 2001: NABF Jr. Nationals, 1st, Overall, Best Poser
Oct. 27, 2001: NPC Gold's Classic, 2nd
Oct. 13, 2001: NPC Natural Connecticut State, 1st, Overall
Sept. 15, 2001: NABF Greater Boston, 1st, Overall, Best Poser
April 28, 2001: NPC Junior USA, 6th
April 2001: NPC Bodybuilding Championships, New Jersey, 2nd
Nov. 18, 2000: Pro-Am American Nationals Bodybuilding Championships, 1st in Open Lightweight, Overall, Pro-Card Winner in NABF
Nov. 11, 2000: won the title of Ms. Waterbury Championship
Oct. 28, 2000: Biogenics Fall Classic, 1st Open Lightweight, Overall
Oct. 7, 2000: Northeastern Jr. Nationals and Male Pro Bodybuilding Championships, 1st in Masters Class, 1st Open Lightweight, Overall, Best Poser
Sept. 15, 2000: Greater Boston, 2nd
July 8, 2000: NABF Tri-State Supernatural, 1st in Novice, 1st in Masters

Please describe a typical day in the life of Valerie Varnauskas.
No day is typical! Every day is an adventure.

Please tell me something about your daily training routine.
I train with my husband Frank daily. Average training day includes approximately 45 mins. of cardio (varied machines) and about 6 different weight training exercises per major body part.

How often do you train in a week?
Normal training week is 6 days on, 1 day off

What are the main differences when you train for a competition and in off-season?
I train heavier off-season and lighter weight, higher reps as a competition approaches. What remains the same during both is that I am always changing my routine. I eat clean all year long, with the exception of one splurge meal (PIZZA!!!) a week. Off-season, I will indulge in a piece of cake or some ice cream once in a while.

If you don’t mind would you give me some stats (best lifts and some body measurements)?
36-25-34, arms 13”, thighs 20”, calves 14”
Best lift: Squat 275 lbs. for 5 reps, with a spot

Which bodypart is your best in your opinion?
I say my abs, and almost everyone else says my biceps!

What is your favorite exercise in the gym and which one you don’t like so much?
Single leg lunges on a dead-lift machine is my favorite (they hurt the most when you’re done). I don’t like doing calves and would avoid it if I could!

Judging in Women’s Bodybuilding has always been criticised in one or the other way. But please tell me your honest thoughts about today’s judging in Women’s Bodybuilding.
I’m still learning the ropes, but it seems like it could be any one of us on any given day, especially since we are all good enough to win, anyway. I am honored to be included in the same class as them.

Please tell me about what else you are doing when you don’t work out (profession, hobbies, etc.)
I work in the Facility Services Dept. of a chemical plant. I clean and maintain their Wellness Center, which is a smaller scale gym provided for the use of the employees.

What are your future plans for 2004?
My first and most important plan is to recover from the severe back injury I received in a car accident when rear-ended on March 8, 2003. After that, the sky’s the limit!!!


Kelly Ryan photo gallery

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Born in Minneapolis, Kelly Ryan’s rise atop the Fitness world started at age 8 when she began to develop her craft as a gymnast under the tutelage of renowned Gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi. Kelly's skill as an elite-level gymnast served as the foundation for athletic achievement in Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Dance and Cheerleading.

Kelly’s achievements were not limited to athletics. She earned a Journalism degree from the University of South Carolina where she graduated on the University’s Deans List.

Since age 20, Kelly has been choreographing dance routines for many of the world’s leading fitness athletes and performers. With several appearances on network television and major magazine covers, Kelly has emerged as one of the fitness industry's most recognizable and marketable personalities.

Kelly has already collected 8 professional championships, which makes her one of the most decorated professional fitness athletes in the history of her sport. Currently considered the leading contender for the prestigious Fitness Olympia title, Kelly maintains a genuine commitment to various charities, including the Special Olympics, an organization that Kelly cares deeply about. She explains, “The Special Olympics embodies all of life’s true beauty; a true celebration of perseverance, dedication and achievement. We can all learn a lot from these courageous athletes.”



Sweetmuscle Gallery

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See everything at


Melissa Metzler

Birthdate: August 7, 1972
Hometown: Sand Springs, OK
Melissa Metzler Photo Gallery


Technical Lead on mainframe computers

Competitive Bodybuilding
I like to travel, be outdoors, water/snow ski
I like spending time with family and friends, and meeting new people.

I taught step-aerobics for 5 years and I am a certified personal trainer.

I have been lifting 7 years.
I was talked into to doing my first show and won my division. It took off from there.

I would to become a PRO someday.

The challenge to be the best I can be as a competitive bodybuilder.

I think it is wonderful, not only for their health, but to show that they can be equal to the men.

Most people are very supportive. I find both men and women asking me how they can get his look. Men in the gym are especially surprised at how strong I am.

It helps me deal with my stress. I have learned that if you stay with something you will see awesome results.

1997 Oklahoma State Bodybuilding 1st place Novice Middleweight
1999 Oklahoma State Bodybuilding 1st place Open Heavyweight
2000 Corporate Challenge Champion
2000 Oklahoma State 1st place Open Heavyweight and Overall Title
2003 Ronnie Coleman Classic 1st place Open Heavyweight and Overall Title
2003 Iron Games 1st place Open Heavyweight and Overall Title
2003 Oklahoma State 1st place Open Heavyweight and Overall Title
2004 Jr.Nationals 7th place Heavyweight Open Division
2004 Indiana State 1st place Open Heavyweight and Overall Title

Weight: offseason, 165 lbs contest, 148 lbs
Biceps: 15 in
Quads: 23 in
Calves: 16 ½ in
Chest: 40 in
Waist: 29 in
Hips: 34 in

I work out everyday except Sunday
I work one body part a day

Benchpress: 250 lbs
Barbell Curls: 120 lbs
Squats: 315 lbs
Leg Press: 900 for reps
Shoulder Press: 115 lbs




Ronnie Coleman Gallery

Click image for gallery

Ronnie Coleman, 8 time Mr. Olympia, has been a favorite photo subject of ours through the years. Here are just a few of my favorite images.

Black and White candid photographs by Brian Moss.

Some people question whether Ronnie Coleman still deserves the Mr. Olympia crown over Jay Cutler or other leading male bodybuilders. Tell us what you think. I think Ronnie is still the best and no bodybuilder comes close.


A Tribute to Fannie Barrios

Click image for gallery

Fannie Barrios passed away on August 7, 2005. She was a great competitor and an amazing woman. She was missed at the Olympia this year.
These photos were taken at the Arnold Classic 2004.


Colette Nelson on

Click image for free photo
This week's update, Colette Nelson.


Amber DeLuca and Rikki Rife on

9_125.jpgAmber DeLuca and Rikki RIfe, a new photo shoot on . Truly hot and very "L word".

Free previews of every video on , including "Amber and Rikki" at


Sweetmuscle Gallery


Carla Dunlap Old School Bodybuilding

Carla Dunlap, one of the pioneers of female bodybuilding, helped pave the way for all of us. She was one of the stars of "Pumping Iron II", directed by my friend George Butler.
Carla's Stats: Born: Newark, NJ on October 22, 1954, Height: 5'3", Weight: 126 lbs, Hair/Eyes: Brown.

Visit Carla's site and CLICK HERE for a fine collection of tasteful nudes,



Thievery Corporation Concert 9:30 Club Washington D.C.

My first batch of photographs taken on my trip from Hoboken to Washington D.C. to see the final concert in the Thievery Corporation 2005 Tour. Photgraphs of Washington D.C., Hotel Helix and Thievery Corporation Concert. Free 49 Photographs (including me smoking my hookah)


Jennifer Chamberlin on

Weider Publications - Ms. Muscle Beach (1st)
NPC Central Valley Classic Figure (1st)
NPC San Jose Figure - (2nd) * NATIONALLY QUALIFIED
NPC Southern California Ironman Naturally Figure - (1st & Overall)

Designer Body Maui Physique (1st)

Designer Body Oahu Physique (1st)



Mary Lado Figure Competitor

Photo gallery on




update May 11,2005



Screenshots from Arnold 2005

Photo Gallery

These images were taken from the new film "Arnold Classic 2005".

Browse the Photos Here

Watch the Film Here



New Amateur Female Bodybuilding Photography at


Arnold Classic 2005 Temporary Index Page


AudioBlog: Lori on our 2500 photo coverage of Arnold 2005 CLICK HERE
AudioBlog: Lori's on the scene report of the women's results from the Arnold Classic 2005. An exclusive BraunTV audio blog. CLICK HERE
AudioBlog: Lori's on the scene report of the men's results from the Arnold Classic 2005. An exclusive BraunTV audio blog. CLICK HERE


Results for Women Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure CLICK HERE

First Gallery of Women Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure (450) CLICK HERE

Kim Klein Fitness Third Place #1)

Stacy Hylton Fitness Fifth Place (#2)

Mindi O'Brien Fitness Tenth Place (#3)

Kirsten Nicewarner Fitness Twelfth Place (#4)

Kelly Ryan Fitness Fourth Place (#5)

Jen Hendershott Fitness First Place (#6)

Adela Garcia_Friedmansky
Fitness Second Place (#7)

Carla Sanchez Fitness Eleventh Place (#8)

Tanji Johnson Fitness Ninth Place (#9)

Arnold Classic 2005 photography by Columbus native, Troy Hunt (Hunts Digital Photography) Troy is a photographer serving Central Ohio and its surrounding areas. He incorporates a photojournalistic style and a creative eye into any event he attends. Troy provided us with over 2400 images. If you are looking for a professional photographer in the Columbus, Ohio area, please contact Troy at Huntsdigital.

Tracy Greenwood Fitness Seventh Place (#10)

Debbie Czempinski Fitness Eighth Place (#11)

Julie Palmer Fitness Sixth Place (#12)

Counting Backward Fitness #12 through #1

Fitness Posedowns

Monica Brant Peckham Figure Second Place (#1)

Jenny Lynn Figure First Place (#2)

Jane Awad Figure Seventh Place (#3)

Lynsey Beattie Ahearne Figure Eleventh Place (#4)

Elaine Goodlad Figure Eighth Place (#5)

Latisha Wilder Figure Fifth Place (#6)

Shannon Meteraud Figure Tenth Place (#7)

Christine Pomponia-Pate Figure Fourth Place (#8)

Zena Collins Figure Ninth Place (#9)

Amber LittleJohn Figure Sixth Place (#10)

Allison Bookless Figure Twelfth Place (#11)

Jen Hartley Figure Thirteenth Place (#12)

Mary Elizabeth Lado Figure Third Place (#13)

Figure Competitors Again Numbers 1 through 13.

Figure Posedowns

Mah-Ann Mendoza Lightweight Bodybuilding Third Place (#1)

Angela Debatin Lightwieght Bodybuilding Fifth Place (#2)

Desiree Ellis Lightweight Bodybuilding Third Place (#3)

Susanne Niderhauser Lightwieght Bodybuilding Fourth Place (#4)

Brenda Raganot Lightweight Bodybuilding First Place (#5)

Fannie Barrios Lightweight Bodybuilding Sixth Place (#6)

Comparisons Lightwieght Bodybuilders #1 through #6

Betty Viana Ms. International Bodybuilding Second Place (#7)

Lisa Aukland Ms. International Bodybuilding Fourth Place (#8)

Paulina Talus Ms. International Bodybuilding (#9)

Christine Roth Ms. International Bodybuilding (#10)

Betty ParisoMs. International Bodybuilding Third Place (#11)

Yaxeni Oriquen Ms. International Bodybuilding First Place and Overall WInner (#12)

Ms. International Comparisons and Posedowns


Photographic Index of Male Competitors

Results for Men Bodybuilding Competition CLICK HERE

Men's Preliminary Photographs (433) CLICK HERE

Backstage Photographs CLICK HERE

Photographic Index of Male Competitors

Individual Male Galleries:

Dexter Jackson Arnold 2005 Male Bodybuilding First Place

Chris Cormier Arnold 2005 Male Bodybuilding Second Place

Gustavo Badell Arnold 2005 Male Bodybuilding Third Place

Lee Priest Arnold 2005 Male Bodybuilding Fourth Place

Melvin Anthony Arnold 2005 Male Bodybuilding Fifth Place

Darrem Charles Arnold 2005 Male Bodybuilding Sixth Place

Troy Alves Arnold 2005 Male Bodybuilding Competitor

Mark Dugdale Arnold 2005 Male Bodybuilding Competitor

Anthony Freeman Arnold 2005 Male Bodybuilding Competitor

Art Atwood Arnold 2005 Male Bodybuilding Competitor


Party Photos


39 Special Party Photos, CLICK HERE


Jill Edwards

View image



Alexis Ellis

Alexis Won the July 2003 NPC Los Angeles Figure Competition, Figure Tall, 1st Place and Overall Winner.
Now Alexis is the subject of an erotic Brian Moss Gallery.

Alexis Won the July 2003 NPC Los Angeles Figure Competition, Figure Tall, 1st Place and Overall Winner.
Now Alexis is the subject of an erotic Brian Moss Gallery.
Alexis Ellis on


Bodybuilding Contests

Lori Victoria Braun's Photo Galleries

Chris Cormier Chri
Jay Cutler at Arnold 2004
Jay Cutler at Arnold Classic 2004

Arnold Classic 2005

Olympia 2004

GNC Show of Strength 2004

NPC Extravaganza 2004

Night of Champions 2004

The Arnold Classic 2004

Olympia 2003

2003 - Night of the Champions
New York City

2003 - Bev Francis IFBB Pro Fitness and NY Metropolitan

NAGA Female Grappling Championships 2003

The Arnold Classic 2003

Olympia 2002

Extravaganza 2002

Jan Tana Classic 2002

Grace Rivera - Figure Overall Winner Jan Tana Classic 2002 photos by Michael J Greenhill

Heather Foster, Grace Rivera, More
Jan Tana Classic 2002 photos by Michael J Greenhill

More Jan Tana Classic 2002 photos
by Michael J Greenhill

More Jan Tana Classic 2002 Photos
by Gene X



2002 Metro - over 100 Photographs of Figure & Fitness

2002 Metro - ifbb fitness slide show part 1 -50 photos

2002 Metro - ifbb fitness slide show part 2 -60 photos

2002 Metro - female bodybuilding slide show

2002 Metro - MEN'S over 100 photos

Arnold Classic 2002 - Results and Photos

Olympia 2001 Vegas - Results and Photos

2001 - Night of the Champions

2001 - Night of the Champions - Private Party

Natural Eastern Classic

Jan Tana Photos and Results 2002

The Arnold Classic 2001

Olympia 2000

Nationals 2000

New female bodybuilding scoring system from